Frequently Asked Questions


Landfill Questions

How much does it cost?
$57.00 per ton with a minimum charge of $14.25 for up to 500 lbs. of trash.

Is it muddy?
We do put rock down going to the pile and in the dumping area.

Do I have to have it covered even though it is in bags?
Yes, everything has to be completely covered.

Where are you located?
Going out W. 2nd toward Eddyville, watch for the sign that says Sanitary Landfill on the right hand side of the road. Turn right after the Landfill sign and go approximately 1 mi. down that road.

What are your hours?
Monday – Friday 7am -4pm, and Saturday 7am – Noon.

Can I put furniture in the compost since it’s wood?
No. We can only take clean wood there, the furniture has varnish and other materials that are not acceptable.

Why do you charge for wood but not brush when it all goes to the same area?
We have to pay the contractor to grind and haul out so we need to compensate those charges for that cost. We only charge $30 per ton for wood with a minimum of $5.00 up to 500 lbs. Grass, leaves, and brush are the only things that are free. Businesses will also be charged $30.00 per ton for yard waste.

Will you help me unload?
No. We don’t do that, please be prepared to unload your vehicle yourself.


Recycling Center Questions

Do you take broken glass?
No. Put the broken glass in a box and then in the garbage.

Do you take mattresses?
No. Call Bridge City Sanitation 682-1700 for bulk pick up on the curb or take it to the landfill.

When will they pick up my yardwaste?
From April to November, Bridge City Sanitation will pick up on Tuesday for Southside and Thursday for Northside. Yard waste must be in Wapello/Ottumwa yard waste bags that can be purchased at all the grocery stores, Menards, and Walmart for $1.00 each. Yard waste bags purchased with a retail store logo will not be picked up at the curb.

Do you take used oil?
Yes. We have an oil container that you pour used oil in and in small quantities; cooking oil, old gas,transmission fluid,brake fluid. We also take oil filters for 25 cents each. We also take antifreeze, but it goes on the east dock in a separate container from the oil.

Do you take appliances?
Purchase a $5.00 Appliance sticker at any grocery store, Walmart, or Menards . Call Bridge City Sanitation for pickup on bulk item day, or bring appliances to the recycling center and stop in office to pay $5.00 for disposal fee.

Do you accept batteries?
Yes, car batteries and rechargeable batteries.

Do you take tires?
Yes, up to five car tires. After that, you will be charged $130.00 per ton. We will take the rims with tires.

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